Changes to our prices for new customers

By Warda Bukhari · Apr 12, 2021

Dear Members,

As of 1st May 2021, we will be changing our subscription prices to incorporate an increase across all paid plans for new customers. This modest adjustment­­ — our first since we started out in 2017 — ­­equates to an additional $0.49 for Basic, $20 for Standard, $30 for Business and $100 for Pro, per month respectively. Our new prices will be as follows:

Plans Old Pricing New Pricing
Basic $4.50 $4.99
Standard $19.99 $39.99
Business $49.99 $79.99
Pro $149.99 $249.99

The circumstances prompting this change includes;

  • Features such as Functions, Kubernetes Operator and websocket support & various integrations with 3rd party tools,
  • Increasing Google cloud fees, and
  • Around-the-clock tech support.

We, at WHR, feel grateful to be able to rely on the support of our existing customers. And as a thank you, we will exclude them from any imminent price increase. By capping the subscription price for our existing customers and by continuing to offer WHR’s free starter version for our new users, ­­we seek to keep WHR affordable.

Please note, any customers signing up for our services before 1st of May 2021 will continue to pay our old prices.