Connect e-shops with shipping providers

Use functions to transform webhooks into API request. Good example - after receiving LightspeedHQ "order payment received" webhook calling Webshipper API to initiate shipping. Then, once item is dispatched, convert Webshipper webhook into an API request to update LightspeedHQ order with a new status and tracking ID.


Audit webhooks between your services and spot failed ones

Sometimes systems that you cannot control fail to process webhooks. With Webhook Relay you can view all incoming and dispatched webhooks, see their status and retry, if necessary.


In order to integrate 3rd party services you don't need to deploy custom software to your own services. This can save an enormous amount of time as you don't need to update operating systems, pay for public IP and configure DNS settings.

You can create, view and manage all functions via web dashboard.

Single webhook - multiple services connected

Quite often a single user interaction needs to be recorded across multiple systems such as your payment gateway, multiple CRM systems such as HubSpot, Segment and a message sent to Slack. This becomes easy with Webhook Relay multiple Outputs and Functions.

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