GCP BigQuery

Webhook Relay to BigQuery


Webhook Relay provides a helper package bigquery that can stream writes into Google Cloud BigQuery. To start ingesting data from webhooks straight into your BigQuery table, create a new Function and just import ‘bigquery’ package:

-- Import BigQuery helper package
local bigquery = require('bigquery')

A new tab should appear that will ask you to set up credentials:

Configure GCP credentials

Go to that tab and it will ask you to:

  1. Create new service accounts with BigQuery Editor permissions
  2. Download the JSON file. Once you have the JSON file
  3. Copy & paste contents into the form and click save.

Streaming data to GCP BigQuery

-- Import BigQuery helper package
local bigquery = require('bigquery')
local json = require("json")

-- Parsing payload
local rowData, err = json.decode(r.RequestBody)
if err then error(err) end

-- Initializing BigQuery client
err =    bigquery.initialize('your-project-id', 'dataset-id', 'table-id')
if err then error(err) end

-- Receiving payload:
-- {
--     "hub_user_id": "user-id-here",
--     "category": "signup",
--     "action": "click",
--     "label": "github auth"
-- }

-- Insert row:
err = bigquery.insert(rowData)
if err then error(err) end

BigQuery package API reference

At the moment there’s a single client method that bigquery package exposes:

Method name Parameter Type Description
insert(rowData) Table A table [key]value that represents a row data.


Currently our package doesn’t support nested objects. That means that a table that a structure that represents JSON such as:

  "hub_user_id": "user-id-here",
  "category": "signup",
  "action": "click",
  "label": "github auth",
  "nested_data": {
    "location": "GB",
    "date": "2020-05-10"

will not be successfully inserted. Therefore, flatten the structure in the function before inserting it.


Few things to note:

  • Ensure that project ID, dataset ID and table ID are there.
  • BigQuery table schema is defined by the user. You don’t have to write all the fields (most of the can be nullable) but if you try to write a field that doesn’t exist, BigQuery will refuse to write.