Demoing your website

Once in a while there is a need to share your work-in-progress website,
built on technologies like NextJS, Nuxt, hugo or any other framework, tool, etc..

Sometimes it is way too early in the development cycle to set up automated (or not) deployment just to get some feedback; this is where tunnels come in:

simple tunnel

Expose local port to the internet

Here, the connect command needs only one argument that specifies destination:

relay connect [DESTINATION]

In the next example we demonstrate tunnels functionality with custom subdomains and automated SSL:

custom subdomain with ssl

Custom domain

To get a custom subdomain and enable SSL you need to specify two flags: --subdomain (or -s) and --crypto:

relay connect --subdomain [SUBDOMAIN] --crypto flexible [DESTINATION]

Crypto flag flexible enables both HTTP and HTTPS endpoints.