Integrations provide a way to send events to 3rd party system when certain events occur:

Integrations are currently in beta stage. Please report any issues to [email protected].


You can add Webhook Relay Slack app to your workspace by visiting and clicking on “ADD SLACK INTEGRATION”:

integrations page

Once you have added the integration, go to the details page and add one or more buckets:

integration buckets

Once a webhook delivery fails, you will receive a Slack notification:

Slack error notification

An example of Function error:

Slack Function error notification


Webhook notifications can be configured by visiting page and clicking on “ADD ADVANCED INTEGRATION”, then just add a webhook URL and start receiving the webhooks.

Example webhook payload for failed forward:

"created": 1588611672,
"level": "error",
"event_type": "",
"message": "",
"payload": {
"log_id": "2de5412e-33db-4e76-b256-a4b18e4380a7",
"bucket_id": "7ef347e2-7858-4b89-b5d6-a73d71fd2fcf",
"output_id": "48afb8fe-13b6-41df-a751-4cb05b33ca46",
"status_code": 400

Example webhook payload for function error:

"created": 1588632790,
"level": "error",
"event_type": "forwarding.function.error",
"message": "<string>:4: attempt to index a non-table object(nil)\nstack traceback:\n\t<string>:4: in main chunk\n\t[G]: ?",
"payload": {
"bucket_id": "98bb50cb-c0e8-4014-8dbe-db23b899e9ce",
"bucket_name": "jenkins",
"step": "output",
"input_id": "",
"input_name": "",
"output_id": "4c50e280-ab47-4708-8506-5227bf494d40",
"output_name": "jenkins-sidecar",
"function_id": "6d215668-446c-4d78-a68f-ec7ab57da535",
"log_id": "8f2b750e-8aa0-4ea8-afa7-15e6bd34301a"

Webhooks contain resource IDs (webhook log, bucket, input and output IDs), you can use Webhook Relay API ( to retrieve any additional information that you require and calling other APIs such as retry delivery.