Webhook Forwarding

Webhook Relay provides public endpoints which can accept webhooks and then, based on user defined rules, forward them to either public or internal destinations.

Our service has a concept of bucket which is basically a grouping mechanism that enables you to accept webhooks on multiple endpoints and forward them to one or more destinations. A newly created bucket will have a default input and will request you to create an output destination:

New Bucket

If it’s a public destination, add the name, HTTP URL and click ‘create output’. All received webhooks will be forwarded to that destination.

If it’s an internal destination, check ‘internal network’ and start a relay agent:

$ relay forward --bucket new http://localhost:8080
https://my.webhookrelay.com/v1/webhooks/2e50b993-ac45-48f7-b840-eb054b19e630 -> http://localhost:8080

What can be forwarded?

Currently Webhook Relay forwards: