CLI Installation

Web Relay provides an official command client for quick configuration of webhook forwarding, tunnels and can also provision authentication tokens. It provides batteries-included agent for developing and testing workflows. It takes only a few seconds for it to start running with one-way HTTP request forwarding, bidirectional tunnels, and CLI for managing your resources.

Download & Install

Linux users

curl -sSL > relay \
&& chmod +wx relay && sudo mv relay /usr/local/bin

MacOS users

curl -sSL > relay \
&& chmod +wx relay && sudo mv relay /usr/local/bin


You can download the latest release from the link below:

If you are using a 32-bit OS, use this link:

Or if you have curl installed, use this command:

curl -LO

Then, add the binary in to your PATH.

Linux ARM 64-bit (aarch)

curl -sSL > relay \
&& chmod +wx relay && sudo mv relay /usr/local/bin

Linux ARM 32-bit (armhf)

curl -sSL > relay \
&& chmod +wx relay && sudo mv relay /usr/local/bin

Registration & Authentication

In order to start using the service, you will need to create an account. If you already have an account, skip this section. Head to the registration page and register:

CREATE ACCOUNTfree plan available, no credit card required

Relay CLI needs credentials for your account. Once registered, generate a token and use token key and secret as a username and password for CLI authentication:

Create Token

And then use it:

relay login -k token-key-here -s token-secret-here

Another option is to set environment variables:

export RELAY_KEY=token-key
export RELAY_SECRET=token-secret